Hello fellow Sons!

Looks like we had a short spring and jumped right into summer. Outside of a few oppressive days it has been beautiful out, including the day of the steak roast. Not only did the weather turn out great but so did the STEAK ROAST itself. I was sorry to see a lot of the usual people not able to make it. They missed out on a
good time. I know they were busy with graduations and other family functions where they had just as much fun. But don't fret… The LOBSTER STEAM is JULY 28th and everyone who has attended it in the past knows how successful this event is.

On behalf of the Sons’ I would like to announce the 1st Annual Veterans Appreciation day, to be held outside under the pavilion with a full-fledged PIG ROAST! Veteran members (of the Veterans of Lansingburgh) will be admitted free of charge and a limit of 2 guests each can buy tickets for $25.00 each. This leaves me with our biggest event of the season the CLAM STEAM, Sept. 22nd. I want to thank everyone who attends these events and supports the Sons’ who in turn are able to contribute to the many needs of the club. On a closing note i want to thank the people who refinished the pavilion floor it took a lot of hard work we didn't just
paint it, we virtually stripped the years of old paint off of it. Special thanks to Bob and George Jubic, Steve Maier and all the others who participated. Congratulations to Mike Fiffe winner of the Son of the Year award, and again thank him for his many contributions to the club over the years. As always I look forward to seeing everyone at the club for good conversation and drinks!

As a reminder to all SONS OF VETERAN members, we hold our meetings at 6 pm the 1st Wednesday of each month at the Club. Due to the holiday, our next meeting is Tuesday, July 3 rd at 6 pm. It’s important that you attend these meetings so we can get your input. Hope to see you there!

Phone: 253-9306

President: Mark Sitts
Vice President: Brian McCarthy 
Secretary: Mark Baird
Treasurer: Larry Cuzsac