Hello fellow Sons, and Happy New Year! I'd like to start out by saying we had an outstanding year in 2017! A successful steak roast, lobster steam, clam steam, we put the pavilion and shed roof on, supported Clothe A Child, and sponsored entertainment at the bar. Your efforts go a long way in supporting the Veterans of Lansingburgh. I named a few things, but there are many more things that go on behind the scenes. Thank you again for being a member of the Sons and supporting these courses by volunteering your valuable time.

Those of you who didn't pay your dues by December 31st have to reapply for membership. I know, it's a pain in the butt but those are the rules. I'd like to stress that not one person makes those rules but the whole Veteran membership and Sons membership. Also anyone who was voted out is more than welcome to reapply. I'm sure if you're willing to participate more and support this organization and everything that it stands for, members will seriously consider your application. Enough said. Good luck in your endeavors this coming year and I look forward to working with all of you again and seeing you at the club for cocktails.

Mark Sitts, Sons’ President (518) 253-9306

President: Mark Sitts
Vice President: Mike Guenette 
Secretary: Mark Baird
Treasurer: VACANT