Hello fellow Sons,
Well it looks like we swerved around another harsh winter; I hope everyone had a good one! The SONS have a lot on their plate this year - a new roof for the Pavilion, the annual Club Steak Roast,
Clam Steam, and Lobster Bake, and entertainment once a month for everyone’s enjoyment.

The SONS OF VETERAN members meet at 6 pm the 1st Wednesday of each month at the Club. It’s important that you attend these meetings. Election of Officers will be at our April meeting. I want to urge everyone to come to the meetings and participate. We are still looking for a Chaplain. If you are
interested please see one of the SONS Officers.

I ask everyone to take a moment and reflect on a great loss to the community as well as the Club, as MIKE GULLY, a fellow SON passed.

As always, I look forward to seeing everyone at the Club and hope to see you participate in our

Mark Sitts, President 
Cell: 253-9306
Mark Sitts 
Mike Guenette 
Mark Baird
Ed Goodwill