Hello fellow Sons’ and happy April Fool’s day and Happy Easter! Is the snow gone for good? I for
one hope so, mother nature sure threw a couple of good curves this past winter!

Elections are here and I hope to see each and every Son come out to vote on April 4th.

As you know the Sons’ have sponsored a DJ once a month all last year. Participation was not that
great so we are going to move it to the 3rd Friday night of each month, except in June. For these
events to be successful members should and need to participate. It’s free to all Club members and
participation is a must. So look for those dates on the Club calendar and on the Club’s event posters.

There’s a lot going on over the next few months - GI Clean-Up Party in May and the Steak Roast in
June! Both events take a lot of member participation and they are also a good time.

Well enough said have a great spring and as always, I look forward to seeing everyone at the Club.

Phone: 253-9306

President: Mark Sitts
Vice President: Mike Guenette 
Secretary: Mark Baird
Treasurer: VACANT