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Feb 3rd - Super Bowl Party
Mar 13th - 73d Anniversary for Veterans of Lansingburgh
Mar 17th - St Patrick's day Party

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                                        2018 Memorial Day Parade - Grand Marshall's 
Grand Marshal CSM John J. Willsey U. S. Army
Honorary Grand Marshal is David J. Cum Vietnam War U.S. Navy Seabees. 
This year’s Parade Announcer is retired Lansingburgh High School Principal, David Kissick (U.S. Marine veteran)
The Troy Military Banner Committee is accepting applications/photos/checks for military banners to honor veterans for their service. The remembrance banners include a photo of the veteran as well as their name, rank,and branch of service. Insignia to represent Purple Heart, Bronze Star and Congressional Medal of Honor insignias can also be added. The banners cost $150 and will hang for 3 consecutive seasons in various locations in Troy. Additional information is on the application. Applications are available at the Club. *For detailed information, please contact Jim Fitzgerald at 383-8076. 

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