Membership Information /Merchandise

In accordance with the VETERANS OF LANSINGBURGH Bylaws, Article IX:
     1. All members of the SONS OF VETERANS AND THE LADIES AUXILIARY are required and expected to actively
         participate on at least (1) committee/team.
     2. Failure to participate on a committee and support the Veterans of Lansingburgh shall be grounds for
         that member’s membership not being renewed at the end of the year.
     3. Any member unable to participate on a committee shall submit in writing to the President of the Sons
        (Sons of Veteran members) or to the President of the Auxiliary (Ladies Auxiliary members) their
        reasons for being unable to participate. Non-participation shall only be granted for good and
        sufficient reason, i.e., health issues, work schedule, etc. Reason must be satisfactory to the President
        of the Sons (Sons of Veteran) or to the President of the Auxiliary (Ladies Auxiliary).
    4. Non-renewal of membership for not actively participating on a committee/team shall be the sole
        decision of the Executive OFFICERS and the members of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS of the VETERANS OF
        LANSINGBURGH, and is not open to appeal.
The VETERANS OF LANSINGBURGH was founded in 1946 by Veterans for Veterans and their families and friends.
Because of the status of “Veteran” those members were not required to work to retain their membership.
Non-Veterans (Sons & Ladies Auxiliary) are required to work for the betterment of the VETERANS OF
LANSINGBURGH, or risk having their renewed membership denied. We strongly urge you to participate on a
team/committee so you can retain your membership and better the organization. There are always tasks to
be done and it doesn’t necessarily mean working parties or working in the kitchen. Contact your team
captain to find out what other options may be available.

Veterans although not required to work, are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to help out around the club. Many
Veterans do help out, but if more pitched in, it would lighten the workload on everyone who does help.
Lastly, a reminder that the Sons of Veteran members and Ladies Auxiliary members’ dues MUST BE PAID no
later than December 31st or you must reapply for membership and be voted back into the organization. To
avoid that happening, make sure you renew your dues early. We are accepting DUES now!


                                                               MEMBERSHIP DUE$
DUES RENEWAL – 2019 Due$ are Due! On JANUARY 1, 2019 the code for the club door changes.
If you haven't paid your 2019 dues, you will not get the new code.

VETERAN MEMBERS (only) – See a bartender to renew your dues. Make sure you show your current
membership card so we have the correct information. Please let us know of changes to address/phone
number. If you provide a self-addressed stamped envelope we will mail your membership to you, otherwise
you need to pick it up at the bar from any bartender. Please allow time for processing, we are all volunteers.

AUXILIARY & SONS’ OF VETERAN MEMBERS See your respective President’s message above for more
information, or get with your President. Auxiliary & Sons’ members MAY NOT renew their dues at the bar.

➢ ACTIVE DUTY MEMBERSHIP                            $ 5 initial fee (for processing/the Club pays the rest)
➢ VETERAN MEMBERSHIP                                   $20 initial fee; thereafter $15 per year
➢ SONS’ OF VETERANS MEMBERSHIP              $22 initial fee; thereafter $17 per year – PAY AT YOUR MEETING!
➢ AUXILIARY MEMBERSHIP                                 $22 initial fee; thereafter $17 per year – PAY AT YOUR MEETING!
Membership Information

Club merchandise is on sale from 6-7 pm on meeting nights in the foyer.  
POW/MIA black, short-sleeved t-shirts have arrived.  Each shirt has the POW/MIA emblem and says “Veterans of Lansingburgh, Troy, NY, Home of Uncle Sam”.  The backside has a large POW/MIA emblem.  Quantities are limited.  M/L - $11 ea; XL/2X - $13 ea.   

Other items available include Club Golf shirts, Veteran parade hats, jackets, baseball hats (Vet Logo, and Branch of Service), patches, pins, magnets and more! 

Members – Keep in mind that Club shirts are to be worn for Club events.  See me early in case we need to order something for you! 

Earl Morrissey